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Tru Flask Adventure Club - Year One in Review

The inaugural year of the Tru Flask Adventure Club has come to an end; and what a year it has been! We partnered with Pensar Academy in Phoenix and we could not have asked for a better school to work with, especially in our first year. Huge shout out to the support staff, teachers, parents, and of course the students who made this year very special.

Thanks to you, our goals, desire, and direction for the adventure club are clearer, now more than ever - watching the faces of kids overcoming their fears or trying something for the first time will do that!

As we look forward, we are resolute in our mission to empower kids from under served and overlooked communities, through the wonders and magic of the outdoors and adventure.

This work brings such an indescribably gratifying feeling and we are thrilled about what the future holds. If this year was any indication, that future is looking bright.

Check out some of the highlights from year one!

Students face their fears and try to scale the indoor rock wall.

Tru Flask Adventure Club Kids Rock Wall Climb

Tru Flask Adventure Club participant scales an indoor rock climbing wall.

Young girl climbs an indoor rock wall

Brave students tackle the indoor ropes course!
Tru Flask Adventure Club Obstacle Course

Student gets ready to walk across the ropes course.

First time hikers learn about leave no trace principles and the beauty of the desert.

Who doesn't enjoy a good zip line!?
Tru Flask Advendture Club Zipline
Students learn about horsemanship and get to experience ranch life!
A student learns how to clean a horses' hooves.
A student grooms a horse with a brush
Student learns to ride a horse
Young girl gets to ride a horse at a ranch
Photo of a group of students taken at the ranch.
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