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Spending a lot of time outdoors or on the go means, you put your gear through some pretty tough conditions. Inevitably, all items can get worn down and eventually need to be replaced, but never fear, with a variety of tumbler, bottle, and cooler accessories to choose from, Tru Flask accessories ensure you’ll always have everything you need for life's adventures.

Tru Flask offers tumbler, bottle, and cooler accessories that are durable and made to last. Our tumbler lids, bottle lids, and cooler accessories will ensure that your gear is good to go so you can focus on your favorite adventures.

Tru Flask tumbler and bottle accessories are designed for everyday use, providing you with the assurance that your favorite beverage is safe whether you’re outdoors, in the car, at home, or at work. The accessories hold up through frequent use standing up to wear and tear without being easily damaged. So relax and spend more time enjoying your day without feeling inconvenienced by low-quality containers.

Tru Flask tumbler lids have passed rigorous shake tests and are spill-resistant to provide added assurance and confidence when you’re on the go. That means more time for fun and adventure and less time cleaning up messes. The suction seal on our tumblers helps prevent any liquid and excess air from escaping. You can enjoy hot or cold beverages without having to worry about possible spills each time you take a sip or take your cup on the go. Tumbler lids also feature a reusable straw option for added convenience.

What’s a cooler without top-notch cooler accessories to keep your goods organized and accessible. A cooler basket and cutting board divider help keep wet and dry goods separate, because who likes a soggy sandwich? Accessories like the motion sensor LED lid light and non-slip cooler foot pads help to give your cooler that extra boost of convenience and quality.