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6 Ideas for Outdoor Youth Adventures

Spending time out in nature and embracing everything Mother Nature has to offer is one of the many blessings in life. Encouraging children to spend more of their daylight hours outdoors instead of cooped up inside, distracted by technology, can remind them just how precious the environment truly is.

Any type of outdoor activity can be good for the mind, body and soul, especially at a young age. Here are six different outdoor youth adventure ideas to consider with kids and teens alike.

Group of school children with teacher on an outdoor youth adventure in nature
Group of kids in the forest on a hike

1. Plan a Classic Camping Trip

A class camping trip is a great way to expose children to the great outdoors and teach them valuable life skills along the way. Work with the community to arrange a service project for youth camping, finding willing volunteers and children who are excited to take the trip.

Then, you can work with the kids to prepare for the outdoor experience; teach them how to pitch a tent, build a fire, and step outside of their comfort zone by leaving digital devices behind. This team building adventure can add another layer of community to your town.

2. Go on A Hiking Excursion

Hiking is another fun activity that’s also considered excellent cardiovascular exercise. Because of this, hiking comes with a variety of health benefits. It can improve blood sugar and blood pressure levels, build strength throughout the body and reduce your risk for many common diseases and conditions. It’s also the ideal opportunity to soak up the fresh air and see gorgeous views and environmental features.

3. Take a Wildness Walk

If you’re looking for an outdoor activity that’s less strenuous, consider a walk through the woods instead. This activity is perfect for any outdoor youth program, as it’s an opportunity to explore, identify and forage! You can teach the children how to bird watch, what types of mushrooms to look for and which plants and greenery to avoid.

4. Practice Survival Skills

Even if your group of young people are not regularly exposed to rural areas, teaching them common survival skills can help them feel prepared if they ever adventure the great outdoors. We recommend teaching the kids how to:

  • Practice situational awareness.
  • Build a tent and fire.
  • Find safe drinking water.
  • Stay calm in an unexpected situation.
  • Identify edible food sources.
  • Practice first aid.

Learning these basic survival skills early in life can help kids feel more confident and prepared down the road.

5. Try Leisurely Activities

If you’re creating an outdoor program for youth but want to keep things more casual, try one of the many fun and relaxing leisure activities that can be enjoyed in nature’s backyard. There are dozens of options to choose from, such as:

  • Archery
  • Rock climbing
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Rafting
  • Mountain biking

Any of these outdoor recreational activities can get kids excited about spending time outside while also improving a skill set they never knew they had. If you’re a teacher or administrator, you can consider adding leisure activities to your physical education program.

6. Join the Tru Flask Adventure Club™

Even if you’re excited about these outdoor youth adventure ideas, you may still find yourself feeling unprepared and uneducated about helping kids connect with nature. We can assist.

Are you looking for a program that lets your little ones discover the wonders of nature? The Tru Flask Adventure Club™ is an outdoor collective that helps create a loving connection between the outdoors and youth, primarily those who live in underserved and overlooked communities. We work closely with schools and nonprofits to create outdoor events that kids don’t want to miss.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, social worker, or school administrator, you can help your local youth get involved in fun and safe outdoor activities. Fill out this form today if you’re ready to join the youth outdoor adventure club!

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