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4 Tumbler Accessories to Add to Your Collection

Whether you rely on your tumbler to hydrate you during your hike, or it’s attached to your hip at work as a means to increase your daily water intake, there are ways to personalize your tumbler to meet your specific needs. With a variety of useful tumbler accessories to choose from, you can feel confident that your liquids will stay cold - or warm - in your tumbler without worrying about spills and other mishaps.

Want to make your tumbler more efficient, organized, and accessible than ever? Here are four useful tumbler accessories to invest in:

1. Replacement Tumbler Lids

Investing in a backup tumbler lid that provides greater functionality than your standard lid can make a huge difference in your drinking experience. Tru Flask tumbler lids, for example, have a leak-resistant design and suction seal while also offering straw and sip functionality. This can make your tumbler more accessible based on how you use it.

2. Wider Mouth Tumbler Lids

Wide mouth tumbler lids are designed to screw tightly around your tumbler, adding even greater spill resistance. Many even come with a built-in straw for more convenience. This Tru Flask wide-mouth tumbler lid is safe and secure, and comes with a reusable BPA-free plastic straw.

3. Tumbler Sleeves

Wanna add some character and an extra layer of protection to your tumbler? A tumbler sleeve offers a simple way to spruce up your tumbler, keep your tumbler safe from dings and dents, and provide comfort when holding a warm or cold beverage. These sleek silicone Tru Sleeves come in a variety of fun colors, and can give you the protection you’re looking for.

Shop Tru Flask for the Best Tumbler Accessories

For more convenience and accessibility in your tumbler, shop Tru Flask for your 30 oz tumbler accessories. We’ve designed and tested all of our products to add spill resistance and organization to your tumbler experience. Whether you’re spending most of your time outdoors or you’re constantly reaching for a sip of water during a workout, our accessories make sure you can get the job done - mess-free.

Shop Tru Flask tumbler accessories today.

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