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How Does an Insulated Tumbler Work?

When trekking through the mountains, camping in the woods, or simply going about your daily routine, staying hydrated is crucial to your health and well-being. As is hot coffee, a steaming cup of tea, or a cold beverage.

But how do you keep drinks at the right temperature while you’re out and about? The answer is simple: an insulated tumbler. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at how this essential piece of gear works and why it's a must-have for anyone who loves the great outdoors.

The Science of Insulation

Insulated tumblers work through the magic of thermodynamics. The tumbler consists of two layers of metal or plastic with a vacuum-sealed space in between them.

This vacuum area is where the magic happens. It's what reduces the transfer of heat, both in and out of the tumbler. This impact results in significantly slower temperature changes, meaning drinks stay hot or cold much longer than in other types of containers.

The quality of the insulation material in the tumbler plays an essential role as well. The best-insulated tumblers are designed with materials that are great at inhibiting temperature changes.

Personal Style

Insulated tumblers are incredibly functional, and the right kind of tumbler can be fashionable, too. Tru Flask offers tons of colors and styles to match your outdoor aesthetic so you can have personalized insulated tumblers.

From durable stainless steel to colorful plastic, Tru Flask insulated tumblers are available in various styles for everyone. Some tumblers come with easy-to-clean lids, straws, and handles for added convenience, making them perfect for long road trips, outdoor adventures, or daily commutes.


Like any piece of gear, an insulated tumbler requires regular maintenance. Before using the tumbler for the first time, make sure to clean it thoroughly.

With a stainless steel tumbler, you’re going to want to avoid the dishwasher and hand-wash your tumbler to keep it in the best condition. You can put your lids and straws in the dishwasher, however, for a deep clean.

Hand washing is often the most effective way to ensure the tumbler remains in good shape. Popular sizes like 16 oz insulated tumblers can easily be cleared with a bottle brush and dish soap. Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials such as steel wool or harsh cleaning chemicals as they might damage the tumbler's insulation.

Save the Environment and Keep Your Drinks at the Right Temp

Tumbler insulated cups are an essential piece of gear for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who wants to keep their beverages at the right temperature.

With its vacuum insulation, high-quality materials, and sleek design, it's easy to see why so many people are choosing to use insulated tumblers instead of disposable cups. The next time you're out on an adventure, bring along an insulated tumbler and enjoy your beverages at the perfect temperature. Shop our Insulated Bottles Today

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