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Stainless Steel Arizona College Water Bottles

Stainless Steel College Water Bottle

Stainless Steel College Water Bottles

College. A place where many of us discover who we are and come into our own as individuals. We make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime and eventually, once our college experience ends, we transition from supporting our universities as students to supporting as alumni. That said, regardless of where we find ourselves on the college spectrum, one thing that every student/alumni needs is a convenient stainless steel reusable water bottle.

At Tru Flask, we wanted to show some love to our local Arizona universities with custom etched stainless steel college water bottles. We figure it’s a win-win, you get to rep your favorite state school while also doing your part for the planet. Arizona college-themed water bottles are perfect for throwing in a bag or keeping one in your car or on the nightstand, and instead of buying disposable water you can start making more conscious decisions.

Here are some other reasons why stainless steel college water bottles are a must.


Banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in sippy cups and baby bottles since 2012, BPA is also banned entirely in Canada and Japan. Science tells us that BPA is a detriment to health, yet BPA is still found in many plastic bottles. With one of our college-themed Tru Flask water bottles, you'll help avoid BPA in your life, too.

No Harmful Chemicals

Even if a plastic bottle doesn't contain BPA, that doesn't mean it's not filled with other toxins. In fact, many plastic bottles leak toxins as they break down, and many plastic containers with drinks inside are known to release chemicals.

No Mold or Bacteria

Unlike plastic bottles that can hold mold and other bacteria inside their plastic pores, stainless steel college water bottles reject stains, corrosion and rust, providing no place for bacteria and other grime to settle. That means a cleaner, healthier bottle in between cleanings, as well as a bottle that's easier to clean.

Help Save the Environment

Mother Nature could use a helping hand these days. And every plastic water bottle that you don't buy is a step in the right direction. Besides, most of that water is just treated groundwater that you get from your tap anyway, and five out of six bottles aren't recycled, instead ending up in landfills where they take 1,000 years to decompose.

Stainless Steel is Sustainable

Rather than opting for a plastic water bottle that will likely go in the trash within hours, days or weeks, stainless steel college water bottles are much longer lasting. In fact, if you treat it right and clean it periodically, there's no reason why you couldn't have your stainless steel bottle for years or even a lifetime.

Less Resource Intensive

With all the talk of the strain on resources today, none is more crucial than our dependency on water. We might be able to go without a lot of things, but we can only last a few days without water. And compared to tap water, it takes thousands of times more energy to create bottled water – a stainless steel college water bottle allows you to flip the script.

No After Taste

But arguably the most important benefit of a stainless steel bottle is that they don't smell or taste like anything. Stainless steel doesn't retain stains, bacteria or anything, so you can use it over and over without those gross taste overtones that always eventually develop in plastic bottles. Many plastic bottles actually start out that way and never get better.

Shop our selection of custom college water bottles here, including our Grand Canyon University water bottle, our Arizona State University water bottle and our Northern Arizona University water bottle.
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  • Can I get a name as well as a college logo? Have had 3 bottles taken so far.

    Scott Flechsig on

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