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5 Fun Ways to Relieve Stress Outdoors During Winter

Winter is a time when life seems to slow down. Dark days often mean less socialization, less time spent outdoors, and potentially more time spent in the same old spots.

It can be good to follow the Earth’s natural rhythms from time to time. But there’s no denying winter can be a hard time to cope with feelings of loneliness, depression, and even stress.

But fear not: there are ways to help bolster your mental health during the winter that don’t require an enormous lifestyle shift. All it takes is some planning, a bit of wherewithal, and our helpful list. Read on to discover six fun ways to relieve stress during the dreariest time of year.

Fun Activities for Stress Management

1. Take in the Wonder of Nature

Certainly, the summer months are all about fun activities outside. But did you know that with a little planning and the right gear, the winter can be just as fun?

Consider how a hike through your favorite wooded path can be transformed under a blanket of fallen leaves and snow. While certainly not for every kind of hiker, a winter hike is a great excuse to commune with nature. And walking for stress relief can do wonders!

You might be surprised at how decidedly not asleep nature is during this quiet time of year. And don’t get us started on those wintertime sunsets. While summer might be a simple time of year to do a nature walk, winter offers the most surprises.

2. Get the Endorphins Flowing

While walking for stress relief is a great, low-impact way of relieving stress outside during winter, why settle? There is plenty of high-energy fun to be had as well. And would you believe physical activity that gets your heart pumping can actually be tied to stress relief?

Skiing and snowboarding are an obvious answer to those looking to get their adrenaline pumping. But for those who perhaps lack the skill or strength for a high-impact winter sport, there are alternative options. Even a simple sled down a snowy hill or a run at the local snow tube park will get your heart pumping.

3. Discover the Wonders of the Universe 

Early sunsets might seem like a bummer this time of year. But they come with one distinct advantage over the summer months. Chiefly: early sunsets mean more time during the early evening for stargazers.

Are you not into physical exertion and are wondering what to do during winter? Bust out that telescope and take in the gift of a dark adventure that doesn’t require you to stay up past your bedtime!

4. Hit Up a Winter Market

Many cities are getting wise to offering fun things to do all year long. And this includes considerations for what to do during winter when we’d all rather be cuddled up in bed. One popular concept is a winter market.

There are often countless winter markets here and there during the holiday season. However many cities have started rolling out winter markets throughout the season. Take a spin into your local city and you may be surprised to find it is nearly as active.

5. Go Ice Skating

Winter is the best time to go ice skating outside. Sure, your local hockey rink is open all year round. But there’s just something special about breezing across the ice in the brisk outside air.

Whether you prefer a managed outdoor rink or a frozen lake or pond, there are hours of fun to be had.

Just remember this: if skating on a frozen lake or pond, the ice needs to be no fewer than 4 inches thick. Any thinner and you’ll risk breaking through. And nothing puts a damper on fun stress-relieving activities like cold water.

Stay Equipped While on Your Adventure 

There are countless other activities for stress management during the winter that we haven’t covered here. Like snowshoeing, winter gardening, or snowball fights.

But whatever you embark on this winter, be prepared. Be sure to stay mindful of all the gear you’ll need to stay warm, safe, and hydrated. Tru Flask has all of the water bottles, tumblers, and accessories you might need while adventuring

While you’re considering your gear, learn more about the Tru Flask Adventure Club for more fun stress-relieving activities.

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