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Environmental & Health Dangers of Plastic Water Bottles

The assimilation of plastic - bottles, bags, food packaging - into our lifestyles is undoubtedly a bane of humankind today. Sadly, the convenience and ease that plastic water bottles especially offer makes us overlook their multifarious dangers to the health and environment. So deeply ingrained is their use that neither consumers nor businesses stop to think about their extremely detrimental effects.

Whether we’re out camping, at work, in the mall, at the cafe, or simply running errands, by default we reach for a plastic bottle to quench our thirst. At business conferences, trade shows, and events too, these bottles are freely passed around. Even in the most upscale restaurants, the water served in fancy crystal glasses may actually be bottled water. Let’s examine the dangers of plastic water bottles to our existence so we make better choices in the future.

Impact of Plastic Toxicity on Health

The adverse effects of plastic water bottles largely stem from the harmful chemicals that plastics contain, which in turn leach into the water stored in them, so you end up ingesting these toxins along with the water. It’s ironic considering we drink water to not only quench our thirst but also for its health promoting benefits such as internal purification and hydration. Although drinking water from any type of plastic bottle is no doubt harmful, reusing disposable plastic water bottles is especially damaging as more noxious elements from the plastic are consumed over time. 

Severe Ailments Caused by BPA

One of the most infamous plastic chemicals is BPA, which acts like estrogen, the natural hormone produced in our bodies. It can have disastrous effects as it may cause birth defects and developmental disabilities in children apart from inducing early-onset puberty. It’s also known to cause decreased fertility in both men and women along with a risk of obesity.

Equally Damaging Effects of Other Chemicals in Plastics

Even those plastic bottles that claim to be BPA-free are riddled with other types of deleterious chemicals and toxins that make their way into our bloodstream. Over time the build-up of these toxins in our body can increase susceptibility to hormone disruption and weight gain and even serious ailments like kidney damage and cancer.

The worst part is that BHPF, the chemical which is now being used to replace BPA, is just as unfavorable, posing similar health risks. So no matter what chemicals are used for making plastic, it seems the health dangers of plastic water bottles are unavoidable. Come to think of it, consumers who opt for BPA-free plastic water bottles are completely unaware that they could still be ingesting a dangerous chemical, just with another name!

Plastic, Plastic, Plastic Everywhere

The dangers of plastic water bottles extend to our environment as well. And although a lot has been said about the ill consequences of plastic on the planet, it’s not nearly enough. Planet conservation is the need of the hour today, yet these bottles continue to make their way into our schools, houses, and boardrooms and then subsequently into landfills and oceans.

The consequence is that plastic water bottles continue to invade vast amounts of space on land and water. And given the inability of plastic to decompose, the environmental threat of plastic waste is real. As tiny plastic particles seep into the soil, groundwater, and other water sources, it can pose serious risks of soil erosion which can negatively impact agriculture and also threaten the lives of the fauna that drink the contaminated water.

Marine animals too are endangered as they accidentally ingest the plastic that has saturated our oceans. In addition, soon there won’t be enough landfills to house the enormous piles of plastic waste that will only accumulate exponentially with time. And we haven’t even touched upon the massive carbon footprints that are generated from the manufacturing of plastic bottles.

Choose Better Options for the Health of your Family and Environment

It’s clear that the focus now needs to shift from the conversation of how plastic water bottles affect the environment to firm actions that prevent further damage, if not reverse the devastating effects that are in full force already. By switching to stainless steel water bottles, you can take one step closer towards realizing better health and preserving the environment. 

Tru Flask offers stainless steel insulated water bottles that you can easily carry wherever you go and be able to enjoy liquids at their optimal temperature – cold temperature can be sustained for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Shop for stainless steel water bottles today and enjoy the benefits of a lifetime!

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