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2022-2023 Tru Flask Adventure Correspondent - Breanna Warren

Today we're introducing another member of our inaugural class of Tru Flask Adventure Correspondents, Breanna Warren. Bre was born in Orange, California, but now calls the best state in the USA her home (We're biased). If you want to see a genuine love and passion for the outdoors, then talk to Bre about nature. We're thrilled to have Bre as part of our group!


Bre Warren Tru Flask Adventure Correspondent
Bre Warren Tru Flask Adventure Correspondent Jumping

Q: What made you want to be an Adventure Correspondent?

Over the past couple years; I have discovered that I love taking nature photos and documenting my adventures! I love being able to share my love of the outdoors with everyone! When Tru Flask approached me with an opportunity to be an Adventure Correspondent I was thrilled at the opportunity to share my adventures and love of the outdoors with a larger audience.

Q: What do you love most about mother nature?

Being in nature is when I am the happiest. One of my favorite quotes is: “always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.” For me, nature is that thing that helps me feel more alive. Being able to step into nature and put aside our daily struggles and worries and come to our senses is so important.

Q: How does spending time outdoors affect you?

Spending time outdoors is extremely beneficial to my health and stress levels. After one of my adventures, I feel re-energized and my stress levels are reduced. I have also found that my creativity is boosted and I tend to come up with my most authentic ideas on a hike or adventure. Anytime spent in nature inspires me to live with more intention and is also a great reminder for me that life is so beautiful and precious.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to explore nature but they don’t know where to start?

I would say to start small. If you are not an avid hiker, I would tell you to pick trails that are rated easy as first and then work your way up to the more advanced trails. It is also important to know that with being in nature there is always going to be unexpected challenges or obstacles to overcome. If you keep an open mind and embrace those obstacles you will not get frustrated as easily.

Q: Name one outdoor place you could explore over and over and never get tired of it?

My favorite place to explore is Fossil Springs in Strawberry, Arizona. I have been twice and both experiences were absolutely amazing. The waterfall is gorgeous and so is the crystal clear blue water! It is a breathtaking hidden oasis in the canyon. The hike down to Fossil Springs is no joke but it is so worth it! I take the Bob Bear trail, which is an 8.3 mi hike with 1,505 ft of elevation gain. It is always a full day adventure every time I go. It is currently closed right now since the Backbone Fire in 2021.

Q: What/Who is your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a peacock. Peacocks symbolize to live more fully in life and expand the diversity of your experiences so you can embrace more of what life has to offer you. I have been fascinated with peacocks for years! I used to go on bike rides in this neighborhood by my house and there would be wild peacocks roaming around everywhere.

Q: On most days, you can be found________?

Planning my next adventure!

Q: What’s the secret to happiness and joy in life?

Let go of the past. Be fully present in the moment! Life goes by way too fast to focus on things that are out of our control or that have already happened. Surround yourself with positive people that help build you up and not break you down! Find things you are passionate and excited about and make time to do those things!

Q: Best piece of advice you’re ever received?

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” - Buddha


Follow along with Bre's adventures on Instagram @see_az_with_bre

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