Why We Started Tru Flask

It’s only been 43 days since we officially launched Tru Flask, yet so much has already happened. While we’re thoroughly enjoying the experience of watching all of your reactions as more and more of you discover our brand, we wanted to take a few moments to give context on what our brand is all about and where we’re heading.  

The beginning

Let’s start at the beginning. Tru Flask was formed like a lot of businesses; that is, by accident. Like most of you, we’re fans of several active lifestyle products available on the market. However, without getting into all the unnecessary details, many of us also have young children who tend to “misplace” things from time to time. After dealing with several repeat offenses and staring down growing replacement costs, we began wondering what it might look like if we created our own products. In the true American spirit, we did just that; Fast-forward almost a year and Tru Flask was born.

#staytru — #goanywhere — #morethanflasks

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably come across our core principles — #goanywhere — #staytru — #morethanflasks. On the surface, these might just seem like clever marketing buzz words. However, they are much more than that, and here’s why –

We created Tru Flask for three simple reasons:

  1. To save money on high-quality products we love
  2. To pursue our entrepreneurial dreams
  3. To give back and make our community proud

You see, our core principles were forged directly from our personal experiences.

  • #staytru means everyone should strive to remain true to who they are and what they feel purposed to do in life
  • #goanywhere is a bold declaration that anything is possible, and we are all capable of doing whatever we set our minds to
  • #morethanflasks is a mindset of giving back and putting the spotlight on our community and those striving to be the best they can be

Where do we go from here?

As we continue to embark on this crazy journey, we’re all at once poised, unsure, excited and hopeful. We know we’re on to something because we see and hear it from each of you. One thing you’ll learn about us is we love our city, our state (Phoenix, Arizona) and our stainless steel bottles. We’re going to rep that HARD, and we hope we can make you, the people that make this all possible, proud.

#staytru #goanywhere #morethanflasks


— TF Team —

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  1. Rick Robbins says:

    I Bought One For Every Member Of My Family. This Product Is Now Represented In Boston, Nebraska, Montana And Of Course Right Here In Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s The PERFECT Gift.
    Thank You Truflask.
    Rick Robbins

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