For the People.

When we started Tru Flask, we knew that we wouldn’t be the first insulated stainless steel bottle on the market that could keep cold drinks refreshingly cold (up to 24 hrs) and hot drinks satisfyingly hot (up to 12 hrs). However, we wanted to be the first to focus primarily on the well-being of people, both your pockets and your dwelling. Why? Because we believe that life should revolve around more than the cyclical monotony of working and spending. That’s why we provide a high-quality product at an affordable price and why our brand goes beyond the bottle. Our business is committed to doing our part to reduce the overabundance of single-use plastics to preserve our world for future generations and we strive to be a company that reminds people to spend their time, money, and resources wisely. This is why we will continue to partner with other local business and support various causes near and dear to us through ourĀ #morethanflasks initiative.Whether you work 60-hour weeks, have crazy mid-terms to prepare for, or you just want to get the kids to practice on time, we encourage you to dare, dream and truly LIVE. #staytruflask